Insurance CRM

Trucking Insurance CRM


Clilent’s company a reputable player in the insurance sector specializing in coverage for the trucking industry, aimed to improve risk management strategies and enhance customer satisfaction. Facing challenges related to claim processing efficiency and risk assessment accuracy, they sought a comprehensive solution to elevate their services. The insurance is an experienced Insurance Brokers who build and foster partnerships with our valued clients, our dedicated staff, and the Insurance Carriers we team with. Our team provides exceptional customer service, integrity, superior knowledge, and individual attention to deliver customized solutions that provide peace of mind and reliable 24/7 support. 


The team wanted us to complete and setup their whole project the main objectives of the development were

  • Streamline the claims processing system for faster resolution.
  • Improve accuracy in risk assessment and underwriting.
  • Enhance customer experience through responsive and transparent services.
  • Setup web portal and database
  • User, sales truck details, driver and coverage information maintenance
  • Carrier premium and choose carrier
  • Admin dashboard
  • Proposal forms


The main challenges that the client faced for the development were the portal development and data processing for landing pages, user authentication, and permission management along with the integration of the portal with different applications and tools for smoother and hassle-free data processing for better output and providing trouble-free output to the users


After thorough decision and proper documentation our team started the development of the portal we divided the portal development into different segments and assigned different tasks to complete the project before the deadline without causing any ambiguity

The first task of the development was AI quotes development. This segment of the portal development consisted of different dynamic and interactive page creations and after that

The different dynamic pages were created like

-Initial Information Page (the data will be fetched using CAB API and store the data)

-Vehicles Page

-Drivers Page

-Underwriting (going to use API to prefilled the data and also can manually add the data)

-Safety Scores

-Limit Coverage

-Loss Summary and review documents

-Automation for sending quotes receiving emails and many more options

This was the first task that was completed during the development of the portal


After the first step, the second step was to complete the financing section of the portal

The financing section consisted of: –

-Retrieve Quote

-Financing Terms and Summary

-Bind Policy

-Print Confirmation Page

The following points consist of some different functionality and we completed the second section of the portal for fetching and retrieving quotes, options to pay the bills, and generating and saving binding documents


After the 2nd step, we will work on the next task which is going to be

3-Day Policy This step consists of the: –

Application in which the user will input his initial information which will be stored in the system

Description of vehicle and information for putting up the information of the vehicle, owner, and many more

Payment section for online payment and setting up the payment in any mode of their wish

Success Page for the confirmation of the document uploading, payment success, and many other options


After completing the third task list we completed the 4th task list which consisted of


Document search page This page had different permissions given which are used for document searching and can be accessed and modified by the Super Admin

Download Page this button is used for downloading the documents

Technologies Used:-

We have used JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and bootstrap for the front-end development

For making the process and pages dynamic and interactive for connectivity and CRUD operations with the Database we have used PHP as a scripting language

For the forms creation, and process management we have used a CRM for automation

Various APIs are used for the data fetching and integration of the portal with third-party applications.

MYSQL for Data processing and management


Our team of developers has applied their experience in developing this CRM and has excellently worked on developing this project and providing you with the resulting output.

We have developed a this incsurce CRM for the agency to keep store and manage all of the requirements on the portal whilst also improving their performance and increasing their production and output processing.