Translation CRM Project

Translation CRM Project


Clilent’s company provides various services like event management, Government Services, Interpretation, Language Instruction / Cultural Training, and many more, the company works on various topics and send the clients brochures quotes mails and many more options.


Client’s team when contacted us they wanted us to develop and customize their crm for them according to the companies requirements and needs. 

  • mail merge templates, create quotes
  • Forms for lead generation, vendors and employees based on the service type
  • Work on automation
  • QuickBooks integration with zoho crm
  • Setup zoho recruit, recruit forms and many more options
  • Create functionalities to send vendors, employees and employers automated contracts and quotes as per requirements.


The main challenge that was faced was the QBO integration with the crm and to create and setup functionalities to create quotes and send them according to their stage and requirements.


We have worked on their crm and developed the crm along with its integration with third party applications required for the development and for smoother and hassle free data processing.

The main topics which we have covered are as follows:

  • We have created a button in the Quote module to generate a Brochure Quote in PDF format.
  • As company provides various services like Translation of language, Event Management, Government Services, Interpretation, Language Instruction / Cultural Training, etc. So we help them to create a Brochure Quote for all services using Zoho CRM Mail merge.
  • Helped them to create Forms for Generating Leads, vendors, and Employees. We have created some Complex Forms for their website to generate Leads based on the service types.
  • Integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Sign so that they can send Contracts to their Vendors, Contacts, and Employees.
  • Worked on automation to auto-generate Quotes based on the Deal Stage. 
  • Integrated Zoho CRM with the QBO so that they can track the Invoices and Estimates. 
  • Integrated Zoho CRM’s Invoice, Quotes, and Purchase Orders with the QBO. 
  • Helped them to set up Zoho recruit, Recruit forms, web forms, and send contracts for Signing to Employees

Technologies Used:-

We have worked on CRM for the development of the required tasks and also setup the QBO for further accounting and quote generation.


We have developed a CRM to help the client’s team to create automation and to provide them smoother and faster data processing in the system by providing automation to the system and for lead generation, quote sending, contact management and process management, apart from this we also have worked on QBO management and sending the quotes to the specific users on triggered action.